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Rosebery Estates Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Guidelines

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17 March 2020

Rosebery Estates are taking all reasonable measures during the Covid-19 outbreak. Whilst the Estate Office remains open, with reduced staff, we ask that customers, tenants and delivery drivers do not visit or enter the office and to call us on 0131 331 1888 should they have any enquiries. The Office opening times are 9am-4.45pm Monday – Friday. To reduce the risk of passing on germs / viruses we will no longer accept cash payments and payment must be made via Card or Bank Transfer.

We will do everything in our power to keep things running as normal as possible and will update this as more guidelines are issued from the Government.

Firewood Orders

As of today, all Firewood Orders have been suspended until further notice.

Note for Tenants;


During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak there are likely to be disruptions to the provision of repair and maintenance services to tenanted properties. Whilst there is no current (as of 17th March 2020) Government advice which requires Landlords or Agents to stop repairs and maintenance activities. As this is a fast-evolving situation, we will update this information on a regular basis as it is available from the Government.

For both essential and non-essential maintenance and repairs each case will need to be judged on its own merits.

Prior to accessing an occupied property, we will be required to ask for certain information from the occupants:

1. Are they currently self-isolating due to displaying flu-like symptoms?
2. Have they been in close contact with anybody who has been diagnosed with Coronavirus or who is currently in isolation due to the risk of Coronavirus?
3. Is anybody in the household currently feeling unwell or displaying flu-like symptoms?
4. Do they NOT want the work to proceed at this time?

Should any of the above points be confirmed then all NON-ESSENTIAL repairs and maintenance will be postponed. We will continue to work closely with our contractors; who are also working under guidelines provided to them.

Where there are ESSENTIAL repairs thatat MUST be completed for reasons of health and safety these may continue but with enhanced personal safety measures for those staff / contractors completing the work : We request that

1. Occupants remain in a different room whilst the work is completed and avoid all contact with them.
2. Remain at least 2m away from people at all times.
3. Avoid unnecessary contact with surfaces, doorknobs etc

Should any of our tenants who are living alone require assistance during this challenging time, please do call the office and we will do our best to accommodate you and your needs.

May we thank you in anticipation of your full co-operation, we also gratefully appreciate your assistance in working with Rosebery Estates and our contractors.