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Rosebery Residential Tenant FAQs

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29 June 2016


Q. What happens to my deposit?

A. We are required by law to protect your deposit with a Scottish Government approved deposit scheme. We will transfer your deposit to an independent scheme shortly after the start of your tenancy. The deposit is held by the nominated scheme for the duration of your tenancy. We will send you details of the scheme holding your deposit and your unique reference number – please keep this information safe.

Q. What happens after I move in?

A. Once you have moved into your new home, you will have been given an inventory. You have 7days to check the details on the inventory and report back to us should you there be any discrepancies with its content.

Q. Will you inspect the property?

A. Yes. We will arrange our first inspection after 3 months thereafter you can expect to receive an average of two inspections a year subject to the condition of the property. All inspections are arranged in advance with written notice.

Q. How do I pay my monthly rent?

A. All rent payments must be paid to us by monthly standing order. We must receive cleared funds by the rent due date detailed on your lease agreement. If, for any reason, you are unable to pay your monthly rent you must contact us immediately on 0131 331 1888 for help and advice.

Q. How do I report a repair?

A. Repairs can be reported by calling our office during working hours. If the repair is an emergency please call our office immediately on 0131 331 1888 – outside working hours you will be re-directed to our emergency service telephone number.

Q. How do I end my tenancy?

A. If you wish to end your tenancy all parties named on the lease must give written notice at least one month prior to your proposed end date.

Q. What happens after I move out?

A. At the end of your tenancy, we will carry out a final inspection of the property using the inventory issued at the start of the tenancy. We will then issue a move out report detailing our findings and listing any deductions we propose to claim from your deposit.

Q. How do I claim my deposit back?

A. At the end of your tenancy you must contact our nominated tenant deposit scheme to request the return of your deposit. This can be done using the paperwork supplied by us at the start of your tenancy. We will advise you of any deduction we proposed to claim against your deposit. Any deposit disputes will be decided by independent adjudication by the nominated deposit scheme.

Q. How do I arrange a meeting with a member of the Lettings Team?

A. If you need to meet with a member of staff to discuss your lease, your property or any other aspect of your tenancy please contact us to arrange an appointment.

Phone – 0131 331 1888 or email [email protected]